Car Parks


Arena Car Park Decking (CPD) on Site

CPD is a full overlayment screed topped with three coats of coloured Poly-Urethane Resin penetrating sealer and topcoats. The finished system is fully homogeneous and forms a single layer.


Arena CPD was developed more than 30 years ago and has a proven track record worldwide. As professional specialist sub contractors we are comfortable with a product that we know to be a safe and easy to apply system, manufactured to our own formula and applied with our own fully trained personnel.


No other materials supplier provide a history of complete design, manufacture, supply and fix application spanning more than a 30-year period on an International basis.


Arena shall for the whole duration of the contract put a minimum of one British ex patriot contracts manager on site full time. All work shall be carried out under his direct supervision if requested by the Main Contractor.


The system has excellent crack bridging qualities and is Low Odour and classified by European Standards as VOC FREE meaning it is most suitable for use in existing, occupied premises such as Malls, Hotels and Condominiums where the public may be exposed to the application of materials.

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